Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Read my writing at Realist Review!

The pace of my blog entries has slowed in recent months, for two main reasons.  The first is that I have big plans for a newer and better blog at a different domain name, which I plan to unveil in about a year.  Building it will take a lot of time and effort (all expended after my 9-5 day job), and while I plan to continue writing throughout this time, I'll probably save a few of these posts for release in conjunction with that more exciting project.  I've had a lot of fun writing here for the past eight years, but I have bigger things in mind; the days of The Thought That Counts are numbered.

The second reason is that I've written a few articles for a publication called Realist Review instead, which you can access at the below hyperlinks.  Realist Review is a publication founded by one of my Hopkins buddies, and an offshoot of the John Quincy Adams Society, which advocates "realism and restraint" in US Foreign Policy.  My articles are each 4-5 pages long and more polished than some of the casual writing I do on here, so it's best to dive in with a coffee when you have 5-10 minutes to spare.  Enjoy!

1. Progress, or Premonition?  Trump's Cabinet Shakeup Raises the Stakes of North Korean Negotiations (published 31 March, 2018)

2. The President's attack on Syria was Plainly Unconstitutional.  Here's Why that Matters. (published 21 April, 2018)

3. Too Much Bang for our Buck:  How Excessive Defense Spending Hurts American Interests (published 04 August 2018)

4. The Bombing Windows Fallacy:  How Excessive Defense Spending Hurts the American Economy (published 18 August 2018)

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