Sunday, November 6, 2016

A ranked list of the most productive things to do on November 8th, 2016:

  1. Vote for Gary Johnson.
  2.  Vote for Jill Stein or another third party candidate.
  3. Donate to charity.
  4. Go to work.
  5. Go to the gym.
  6. Go for a run.
  7. Go for a hike.
  8. Fly a kite.
  9. Play a sport.
  10. Play a yard game, like bocce or Kan-Jam.
  11. Remind your loved-ones that you love them.
  12. Try out skydiving. You’ve always wanted to!
  13. Plan a vacation.
  14. Review your finances.
  15. Learn how to knit.
  16. Try out a new recipe.
  17. Clean and organize your room or work area.
  18. Heck, clean the whole house while you’re at it.
  19. Watch football highlights from all the college and NFL action that took place from November 5th-7th, 2016.
  20. Re-read all 7 Harry Potter Books for the 14th time.
  21. Re-watch all six seasons of Game of Thrones.
  22. Re-watch Breaking Bad, also.
  23.  Get ripshit drunk.
  24.  Get a tattoo.

Et cetera, et cetera, until eventually we get to...

13,749,275. Watch grass grow.
13,749,276. Watch paint dry.
13,749,277. Vote for Hillary Clinton.
13,749,278. Hang yourself.
13,749,279. Vote for Donald Trump.

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