Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Favorite this blogger

I've just stumbled upon a fantastic progressive blog by Frederic de Boer, which is well worth a look if not a spot on your favorites bar. This post in particular echoes so much of what I've written about the climate of modern online feminism, except it does it much more succinctly than I was able to do here, herehere, here, here, here, here and here. Some quotes (of his):

  • "I meet and interact with a lot of young lefties who are just stunning rhetorically weak; they feel all of their politics very intensely but can’t articulate them to anyone who doesn’t share the same vocabulary, the same set of cultural and social signifiers that are used to demonstrate you’re one of the “right sort of people.” These kids are often great, they’re smart and passionate, I agree with them on most things, but they have no ability at all to express themselves to those who are not already in their tribe. They say terms like “privilege” or “mansplain” or “tone policing” and expect the conversation to somehow just stop, that if you say the magic words, you have won that round and the world is supposed to roll over to what you want."
  • "the idiom of aggressive condescension and blank derision is not going to convince anybody, no matter how well trained people are to ape it."
  • "The schizophrenia of today’s social justice left is that it recounts all of the ways in which it is currently losing but does it with the belittling attitude of a team that’s running up the score...if you think that the places you hang out online are indicative of the world, then you always are winning in your own mind."
  • "People who consider themselves dedicated to achieving political change have this fact to confront: it has never been easier to live in an intellectual cul-de-sac."
  • "Of all types of political arguments, none is less likely to broaden your coalition than the one that makes your targets feel ridiculed. When people say that those who have been called out online should respond by apologizing and learning, they are betraying a profound ignorance about human psychology. That just is not how people work."
Best of all, I can safely refer my readers to his blog WITHOUT perpetuating the same ideological echo-chamber he laments, because he is pretty far left and seems to disagree with me on lots of things. Which is refreshing, because it didn't prevent him from getting that post exactly right.

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