Monday, April 20, 2015

Awesome rebuttal to anti-feminist video

About two weeks ago, a woman named Lauren Southern posted the following Youtube video called "Why I am not a feminist."

Two days later, a blogger named Jenna Christian wrote a beautiful, brilliant, well-reasoned, articulate, informative, thoroughly convincing rebuttal to Southern's arguments, which you can read here. Upon watching Southern's original video, I was generally unimpressed, but I confess I took skeptical interest in some of her more novel arguments. Upon reading Christian's rebuttal, I no longer take interest in them. That makes it effective, and well worth your time if you saw the original video.

Beyond the content itself, the debate is laudable for the reserved, logical, respectful tone of both participants, and for their strong mutual focus on the ideas at hand. Exchanges between feminists and anti-feminists (or worse, so-called MRA's) are rarely so diplomatic. I've previously been critical of people who so quickly resort to condescension or identity-based arguments, particularly feminists, so I thought this was doubly notable as an example of public discourse done right. Keep kicking ass, Jenna!

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