Sunday, February 15, 2015

A week of media nonsense about Rand Paul

When I concluded my last post lamenting the media’s unfair treatment of Rand Paul, I hinted at my premonition of more biased hack-jobs in the months to come. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so right all the time, because what followed has been the single most slanted week of media coverage about a single individual that I can recall. The stories I’ve seen can be divided into four so-called “controversies”, each of which were entirely invented by people who, through some combination of profitable sensationalism and political bias, eagerly want Rand Paul to be mired in controversy:
  1. Continuing fallout from the same cherry-picked statement on vaccines I derided in my last post.
  2. Accusations of sexism for “shushing” the female reporter who was talking over his response to her aggressive questioning.
  3. A slew of fear-mongering about the “Audit the Fed” bill Rand Paul has nearly guided through Congress.
  4. Headlines suggesting Paul intentionally affiliated with an anti-gay hate speech documentary, when in reality the documentary merely used a clip of him discussing states rights without his knowledge.
  5. Mainstream accusations that Paul was disingenuously inflating his academic resume, when he was actually underselling it.

Consequently, I have decided to create running chronicle of all the articles I see from mainstream news sites which, in my opinion, treat Rand unfairly. In the buildup to the 2016 presidential election, I hope this list illustrates how differently the media treats even “libertarian-ish” candidates from more mainstream options like Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. The goal is not to allege outright conspiracy, but to illuminate the major media outlets’ organizational bias for the narrow range of entrenched policy options Washington insiders consider credible. 

How many I post will likely be much more limited by how many I have time to refute than it will be by how much there is out there to be refuted, but I’ll try to at least save the stories for later reference. For now, I’ll dive into the articles I read this week, and hyperlink the above list to the corresponding episodes as I complete them.

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