Saturday, November 29, 2014

13 cold, harsh truths most people are unwilling to accept

I mostly compiled this list from various Reddit comments, but I did write a few of the entries myself.

  1. Just because it’s not your fault doesn't mean it’s not your responsibility.
  2. There is no promise that the person you love will ever love you back, nor that the person who loves you now will always love you.
  3. There is not someone for everyone.
  4. Having a serious disease or disability does not make someone a good person, entitle them to perpetual sympathy, or render them immune from criticism.
  5. Not every soldier, veteran, policeman, or fireman is a hero.
  6. Not all of you are special, and half of you are below average.
  7. You are not able to do anything you want with your life. There are some things you can't do, even if you put your mind to it. The sky is not the limit. Your personal limit is directly proportional to your intelligence, drive, charisma, ability to network, genes, environment, and a variety of other factors which may or may not be under your control.
  8. Accordingly, you should not always follow your dreams.
  9. Not all body types are beautiful. That’s okay.
  10. America is not a democracy. That’s good.
  11. Sometimes, it’s the size of the dog in the fight.
  12. Nuclear is the safest, cleanest and most efficient way of generating electricity.
  13. Some truths make you feel badly, but it’s still important to seek, know, and say them.

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