Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Hunt for a Red November begins now

It is the first Tuesday in November. That means that in one year from now (technically a year and six days, since  next year it will fall on the 6th and it's a leap year which adds a day) it will be election day. In light of this day, I would like to announce that I am launching a new blog. The blog will be titled "The Hunt for Red November", and the URL is http://thehuntforrednovember.blogspot.com/  It will run for exactly one year, culminating on the day after election day. My objective is to track campaign happenings, from a mostly analytic perspective,  analyzing why who is saying what, what effects what strategies are taking, tracing poll numbers and associating certain trends with certain events, and just give a general summary of what is happening. I'll give my reactions to what the candidates say and I'm sure there will be plenty of opinion on there, but it will always be in response to what's happening and being said right now, rather than just because I have been thinking about it and feel like expressing my opinion. That stuff will stay on this blog. I don't know how much time I'll have to post, or how frequent the posts will be. I imagine that the traffic will come down on this blog a bit as I try to juggle another one (and they've already slowed), but I'll still update this one as well, still do the QOTW and Friday Funny and stuff like that. We'll see where it leads. Anyways, make sure to follow me!

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