Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Police Abuse

(This is an accidental repost of an old entry. It was written more than two years ago, but since it coincidentally had to do with the war on drugs I just finished decrying, I figured might as well leave it up instead of deleting it.)

I am usually not much of a whistle blower on cops. I think the extent to which they abuse people is overstated, and that they have a very difficult job in which they're bound to make mistakes from now and then. But while I sympathize with their plight, that does not mean they shouldn't be held accountable when they abuse their power. This is one such incidence.

Let alone for a second the fact that marijuana shouldn't even be illegal. I've done some research behind this case, and apparently the man was a suspected drug dealer. The cops had no proof of this outside of an anonymous tip they received and some marijuana residue they had found in his garbage. They obviously either did no research to learn there was a child in the house, or they just didn't care. It turned out the guy did have  a tiny amount of weed, but only for personal consumption; he was not a dealer after all. That does not justify a SWAT team, it does not justify kicking down his door in the middle of the night with fully armed automatic weapons, terrifying his son, and shooting his two small, unthreatening dogs (one was killed, the other wounded). This is an injustice, as most who watch it will agree, and I loathe injustice.

But there are many more incidents that are far more graphic, and result in far more human pain, death and suffering than does this one. People are killed needlessly in a similar fashion, and I could find far more graphic videos on Youtube than this one. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen too much, and shrinking the government's power means keeping the cops honest, just like all other government officials.

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