Thursday, May 5, 2011

Important Firsts

As we grow up, there are certain milestones in life that are notable when we reach them for the first time. Our first steps, for instance. Our first words. Our first birthday. Our first plane ride. Our first visit to the ocean. Our first visit to another country. Our first kiss. Such moments bring about fond memories that we will carry for the rest of our lives. So it is with the utmost joy that I announce that today, I had one such tick in my life's timeline.

My first monetary contribution to a political primary campaign.

Sniff. I'm tearing up. It's been...I's's gone so fast...oh, just bring the tissues. The whole box. Sniff. Sigh... I'm such a sap.

I contributed $20.12 (get it? I thought it was clever...) to Mr. Ron Paul, for his May 5th, South Carolina Debate Moneybomb fundraiser. Which means I am responsible for 0.0022032% of this figure:  , as it stood on 11:02 PM. The interesting part of this, which I'd imagine very few people can say, is that I've never even voted before. How many people can say they voted with their wallet before they'd ever voted? Probably several, but I like to pretend I'm special and that my youthful interest in politics is unique. Don't burst my bubble.

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