Friday, May 20, 2011

Change of Plans; the Rapture is at Hand!

Due to the long and redundant nature of the "20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity" rebuttal posts, and due to some confusion about which font contained my words and which font contained the Anti-Christian vitriol, I have decided to forgo posting my responses to numbers 11-20. In fact, in the prior sentence I provided 2 Reasons to Abandon the 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity! Aren't I clever?

Instead, today I'd like to talk about the end of the world. What, didn't you hear it's coming tomorrow? In completely unintended coincidence, the final day of my Religion Week has been declared as the arrival date of the "Rapture", which is nut-job for "cataclysmic action of God that will end the world and kill us all." Depending on which radical cult you believe, it's either supposed to happen all in one fell swoop tomorrow at 6:00 PM, or a major catastrophe will occur tomorrow that won't immediately destroy the world, but will set into place a series of events which does. I'd imagine those who believe in the former may start converting to the latter at about 6:15 tomorrow evening.

But believe it or not, I'm not concerned. In fact, I'm so unconcerned, that I'm willing to be $1,000,000,000 that the world will not end tomorrow. Any of my readers wanna take me up on that?

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