Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under the Weather

I've been a tad ill the past few days, thanks to a bad cold I caught at my cousin's wedding. It's ironic that the wedding was held on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, meaning I caught a "cold" in the quintessential summertime location. "Get in here right now young man!", my mom may soon begin to scold. "You'll catch a cold in this heat! Now put on some sunblock."

But what I noticed while forming this title is how silly the expression "under the weather" really is. I mean, the daily climate is determined by clouds and winds several thousand feet up in the air...aren't we ALWAYS under the weather? Unless you were to go on a mountain top or on an airplane, it is rather difficult to get out from under the weather. And if you were to go to such an elevation, it would likley be so frigid that you would catch a cold anyway, thus being "under the weather while you're over the weather". Since you might not have seen this ailment coming, your being under the weather while you're over the weather may come under the radar". And if you got high enough, and the weather we're referring to was a recently-passed rainstorm, you would be a) under the weather, b) under the radar, c) over the weather, and d) somewhere over the rainbow caused by that weather. But that would be such overkill that one could be come overwhelmed, making this post overly underappreciated.

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