Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rally Crying

Today was the day for the famous (infamous?) Rustin High School fall pep-rally. After eight shortened periods of school, we all went down to the gym and were seated by class. Activities included the following:

--Making lots of noise
--The introduction of the Senior Homecoming Court
--A Tug of War competition by class
--Being loud
--Making obscene chants and gestures at the other classes
--A "spin around on a baseball bat five times until you get dizzy and then stumble around towards the general vicinity of the finish line" competition.
--Watching the Cheerleaders lead cheers.
--Lauding our innately superior athletic ability by clapping for a procession of sports team captains
--Watching the Dance Team gyrate
--Hooting and Hollering
--Watching the "Diamond Girls" stomp around
--Storming the court in competition for the heralded "spirit stick."
--Invoking the use of our vocal chords to produce a high quantity of decibels.

And get this: the seniors won the spirit stick! No way! I was so suprised...that NEVER happens! Ever!.......(rolls eyes)......

If you are not yet in high school, savor the days you don't have to go to pep rally's. If you are in high school, bring noise cancelling headphones and an iPod. If you have already graduated from high school, simply realize that some things never change!

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