Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Madden 11 Lowdown

I'd been looking to buy the new video game Madden 2011 ever since it came out a few weeks ago, so when I finally found my wallet on Sunday (it had been lodged between the passenger seat and the gearshift, out of sight) I decided to go out and buy it. I asked around on Facebook for where the nearest Gamestop or EB Games was, only to find that both of them were closed: I'd forgotten it was 8:00 on a Sunday night, and most stores close early on Sundays. I was just about to give up the chase and until Monday when I remembered the one store that is ALWAYS open: Walmart. Always low prices, and almost always open. Good old sweatshop labor.

An hour later I was playing against my brother Dan, and we noticed the following major differences from our last football game (Madden 09):

1. Better Graphics, as always, but especially for us because we've updated our TV to HD since then. Big difference!

2. The "Gameflow" playcalling system, which is like a one-button-only Ask Madden on every play. It's designed to speed up game time and decrease the amount of time spent in the huddle, but I like the time spent in the huddle! It's part of the strategy! I find it annoying so I just turn the feature off and use conventional, 3-panel playcalling.

3. Superstar mode gives you 100 attribute points to distribute in the beginning, but then it's nearly impossible to improve your player afterwards. I haven't tried it yet but my brother thinks it's awful and likes the old way of improving via practice better.

4. The soundtrack is 1000 times better! Usually it's all rap or screamo from new bands trying to get their name out who purchase the rights to be on the soundtrack, but this year it's like 1/3 of that and the rest is classic rock! "Thunderstruck" by ACDC, "Song 2" by Blur (perhaps bettter known as the "WOOO-HOOO!" song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlAHZURxRjY&feature=av2e), "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ozbourne, "Bang On These Drums All Day" by Todd Rundgren, and a bunch of other great ones too, plus the intense Sam Spence NFL Films songs.

5. It's more difficult to tackle now, and easier to break tackles, even if you don't press any buttons to do so. Some of my friends were complaining about this, and I see they're point: Jeremy Maclin broke a tackle from Ray Lewis yesterday, and that probably doesn't happen in real life. But I still like it better this way, because in real life the tackling in the NFL is so shoddy, and almost inhumanly athletic offensive players truly do scamper around defenders more easily than ever before. Plus, it's more fun when you're running the offense, and it makes games higher scoring and more exciting.

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