Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Favorites

Anyone who uses the internet must have a "Favorites" icon in the top left corner. The origin of this ingenious little folder is convenience (which is a combination of laziness and ingenuity). You see, not only is the modern generation too lazy to read the newspaper with our hands, too lazy to purchase music at a store, to lazy to talk to our friends in person, too lazy to research using a book, too lazy to masturbate to a magazine, and too lazy to check the weather using a window, we are also too lazy to type the URL's in for the websites that expedite these tasks. For many of us, the "Favorites" folder has become the sole means of online navigation, to which we add every site we could ever possibly wish to visit.

The problem with this trend is that with more and more sites being added to our favorites, the favorites folder becomes increasingly difficult to navigate. Sites one would like to visit all the time can be buried amongst the sites you just put on your favorites so that you wouldn't need to remember the URL, and the 5 seconds it takes to scour through your list for the one you want is far too infuriating a wait for teenagers to handle. Introducing the "Favorites Bar"! Now, in addition to the favorites drop-down menu in the top left corner, you can place a button linked to your "favorite favorites" across the top of your browser. Instead of 2 clicks to get there, it now requires only one. And considering I already have 6 favorites on my favorites bar, my monitor will soon run out of space, forcing me to rank my favorite favorites in order of favoritism, to determine which favorite favorites are favored with a place on the favorites bar.

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