Friday, June 18, 2010

Why does the USA Always Gets Rooked?!?!?!?!

Did anybody else see that call? USA was down 2-0 at the half in the USA-Slovenia game, but after 2 gutsy goals by Donovan and Bradley we tied it up in the final 8 minutes. that was an impressive comeback, but it doesn't change the fact that we got rooked out of a victory by some terrible refereeing. in the 86th minute, we had a free kick from a good position and Dou made a beautiful volley to score the go ahead goal...until the referee called offsides and voided the goal and the victory. replay showed that not only was our player onsides by a good 5 yards, but Slovenia committed 2 or 3 blatant other fouls in the box on that same play that should have resulted in a gimme penalty kick. As a result, instead of having 4 points and a commanding lead in the group, the US has 2 points and the odds stacked against them at advancing. anyone who remembers the game vs. germany in the 2002 world cup, or some of the absurd red card decisions 4 years ago knows that costly, poor referreeing decisions are not new to Team USA. why does this always happen to us? i'm so frustrated.

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