Wednesday, May 26, 2010

West Point

I apologize for the slowed pace of my posts. I have not, fortunately, run ouy of underage thoughts, I have merely run out of time with which to share them! I have been uber-overworked this last week as we prepare for finals. Next week I will also be unable to post, due to the Summer Leadership Seminar at West Point! I was very excited to get into this camp, as only a few hundred applicants do, and it supposedly puts you on the fast track to acceptance if I were to choose that path. It's a huge decision, this whole college shabang, and hopefully this upcoming week will aid in my decision making on making a potentially monumental life choice by entering the armed forces! West Point is as presitgious a university as they come, and heck instead of tuition I get a salary just to go there, which is always a perk :). I'm looking forward to a challenging but fun and informative week, and I'll be sure to post my thoughts on it when I get back.

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