Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bo Burnham: Youtube Meme

Who out there has heard of the great Bo Burnham? Bo is a 19 year old comedian, musician, and parodist made famous by his youtube videos, which have received over 60 million views. He writes and plays comedic, politically incorrect songs, and I think he's totally hysterical. Some of his best songs are "New Math", "My Whole Family (thinks I'm gay)", "The Perfect Woman", "Cookout", "Bo Fo' Sho", "Rehab Center for Fictional Characters", "I'm Bo Yo", and others. He does some fake rap, plays guitar and piano, uses lots of intelligent puns, and throws in a bunch of sexual, racial, or insensitive jokes to target a teen audience. Plus he's got a great voice and is a talented musicion. Here's one of his videos, you can search through the others yourself. Enjoy!

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